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TV applications are becoming a reality with more the entertainment media become more streamlined and easily accessible today. This has made it possible to add several devices to a television making them perform things there weren’t capable off to begin with.

Apple TV is a digital media player that is designed to play digital content from the iTunes store, Netflix, YouTube and more. The device is surprisingly small that it fits in the palm of your hand making it compact and easy to store. This allows for easy setup as the device works seamlessly well after installation.

Users are able to enjoy tons of content with Apple TV. As mentioned earlier, Netflix a popular online streaming website allows their users to view thousands of movies from old or new at the comfort of their homes, with just a click of a button. This makes Apple TV a great device for busy folks who don’t have the whole day to watch the television. Streaming online content is a very popular trend today especially because people just don’t have the enough time to wait for a specific timeslot to watch their favorite shows or series. However, this is made easily accessible with the help of Apple TV.

Apple TV also works perfectly well with other IOS device like the iPad, iPhone or iPod. Several features are integrated to work with the Apple TV such as allowing IOS games to be playable on the big screen or viewing saved pictures these devices to the television.

Apple TV

Steaming has been quite a popular trend in the entertainment industry. This is because it is much more convenient to watch shows at any given time. The time schedule for weekly or daily programs make it almost impossible for people to watch their favorite shows at the end of the day because of work and other related activities. However, with the help of modern age technology along with the internet, accessing media content is much easier and way more convenient than before. Apple found this niche to be very popular and has made it very accessible with the help of Apple TV.

Apple TV is a digital media player that lets you play online content on a whim. This is great for people who have busy schedules and don’t have much time to follow their favorite programs on the television. Movies are also given the same treatment and attention. The popularity of Netflix has made it one of the most sought after apps over the internet. Their huge array of old and new movies is a living testament for their huge success. These along with several channels are available on Apple TV. Apple TV has been released for quite some time now and further iterations and development has made the device even better than before. It is now possible to view programs in higher resolution (1080P) just like the ones you see from YouTube and other streaming websites. This is a perfect app to those who work the whole day and take the rest of the night watching TV.

Why Many People Love The Apple TV

Many people love Apple gadgets since it has the best quality when it comes to material. Also it has the best software you can have around. It has its own software which makes it unique to any kind of PC but it is compatible with other hardware but with needed software to make it work. Still this makes the Apple gadgets still lovable especially the Apple TV. Here are some of the reasons why they love it.

The Apple TV is compatible with any type LCD TV. With this gadget you can watch TV series that are not seen locally. It is almost like cable TV only that these shows are streamed through the gadget. Another thing is that they are shown in HD quality which means they have better pixels than your normal TV shows. Many people like it better in that kind of quality than the normal version. Another reason why people love the Apple TV is that it has many features that only Apple gadgets have. Many like these applications since they are always updated and have top notch quality unlike other gadgets which sometimes break down just because their software has some bug in it. The Apple TV also has top notch security which protects the gadget from any kind of digital threat like a virus since it needs the internet to make some applications work.

The Apple TV is one of the best TV gadgets you can find right now. It is recommended that you should purchase such gadgets when you can afford for one.

Apple TV

The Apple TV can be considered big entertainment contained in a small box, where one can enjoy movies, watch TV shows, listen to music, or enjoy seeing photos, and many other functions, all contained in your widescreen TV. Endless entertainment can be acquired from this small digital media gadget developed by Apple. You can have available thousands of high definition movies or TV shows played through the Apple TV on your widescreen high definition TV, or music and photo streams from your laptop.

With just a click made on your Apple TV, you can already watch and enjoy. You can also watch and play contents from your iPod or iPhone on your TV. This is a small and powerful gadget that is also efficient technologically.

It is energy efficient and uses only little power, giving you good savings while having enjoyment. Set up of the Apple TV is easy and quick and you can just plug the power chord and connect your Apple TV to the widescreen TV set. The Wi-Fi network you have will be the means to stream the movies and music to your Apple TV, and you will already have countless moments of enjoyment.

The remote for this Apple TV will be the means to give you more convenience and the easy means to get your favorite entertainment. This small digital media gadget in the Apple TV can be the small but powerful high technology gadget you can have and find great enjoyment. Watch high definition movies or stream good music from the Apple TV, and you will experience this good enjoyment probably you have not yet experienced before.

Apple TV: Essential Info

Although there are rumors that Apple will come up with an internet TV or variants of a high definition TV together with an Apple TV gadget, this may not be true. This may be wished upon by many fan followers of the company who are presently using their various high technology gadgets. Although this may not happen in the present situation because of the economic crunch experienced by countries all over the world, and which also makes this kind of production not economically viable, it may happen in the near future. There is always this possibility, given other high tech gadgets sprouting here and there.

When this happens, in all probability, the product will be that devise that will allow people to play digital content from different sources like iTunes, YouTube and others. The gadget will enable people to view content using a widescreen television set and in high definition. This wishful thinking may not happen just yet, but may also happen in the near future. This is wishful thinking and anything can happen. The approach they make may be slow, but if it is a sure approach then it will be better.

When this thing happens then we can expect other high tech gadgets to happen also, like the other gadgets people use when they are watching television in there nice recreation place in their homes. While a high definition Apple TV is highest on the priority list, people may also wish for the Apple TV headset to come with it. This can make the viewing experience more enjoyable and memorable. This Apple TV headset should come with a microphone that will produce very good sounds and also clear earphones that people will expect to hear very good music outputs. This may not sound impossible, given the reputation of the company.

The TV headset should also be compatible with other gadgets produced by the company, like the iPod, iPhone and others. Another thing on the wish list can be a remote control using any gadget with just the use of an application used. Using these gadgets will be more ideal because almost everybody may have these gadgets in their possessions already. Whenever the remote control is misplaced or lost, there will be no problems encountered because one can use the gadgets in their possession. Will this not sound very ideal? This will be a good experience that people can encounter, although may not also be a very ideal one because it can cause people to get lazy.

The wish list can also include other high tech gadgets like a reclining chair operated by the remote control Apple gadget that people usually have in their possession. A reclining chair will be the best when one is viewing high definition TV programs or other data content they access through the Apple TV. TV 3D glasses can also be included in the wish list so that one can view the latest 3D programs on television. Although these are all in a wish list, there can still be big possibilities that it can get true in the near future. Apple TV can be a good way to get yourself entertained. If you like to be more entertained in the realm of site design and online marketing, you can check on a good Los Angeles web design firm for information.

An Apple TV Set By 2014?!

Expect Apple TV in 2014 Analyst Says PCWorld. Whoa. So it’s finally happening, albeit in an excruciatingly slow manner.

If that’s the case and Apple does come up with a proper widescreen TV set for its gadgets, it looks like a secret Apple Santa has been reading our wish list of Apple peripherals we’d love to see, as written in the previous post.

Think about it: it only makes sense. A gadget for a widescreen television, and no flat screen TV to go with it? The mind fairly boggles, Apple! Why wait for 2014 when a television set made expressly for existing Apple gadgets and apps will practically sell itself in the here and now. That’s two years from now…people may be viewing television programs and apps on holograms cast by their wristwatches, or via sheets water falling down their den walls instead. Kidding.

There’s a fairly logical explanation for the hemming and hawing, according to Apple insiders. The current economic crunch has dictated that launching such a luxury within the year would not be deemed appropriate, and people with existing television sets may not see any sense in upgrading or getting a new one. Plus, there’s the real concern about whether or not Apple can make a significant dent in the existing television set market. Many products are already offering innovative technology. As J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz notes:

“We are not sure that the Apple premium could prevail in the TV market, unless there is a radical change of the user interface, integration of the TV programming and data content, and use of gesture or voice control.”

Fair enough. A slow but sure approach would suit Apple given today’s economy, and Apple TV is designed to be a nifty, handy, and convenient gadget for many types of widescreen television sets, anyway. So those who want matching “sets” (pun fully intended) would have to chafe a bit more.

Also, finding a way to harmonize Apple’s cleaner interface with satellite and cable television providers’ often clunky, cumbersome ones would be very much welcome. You may have the best in television innovation, but if your cable television “technology” is stuck somewhere in Wayne and Garth’s basement, then it could prove to be a very vexing viewing experience, indeed.

Perhaps between now and the much-awaited 2014 launch of its own television set, Apple can do more streamlining for this existing gadget. Say, find a way to hide or eliminate ugly cables from sticking out and making a mess all over the den or something. Or have Siri change channels or admonish viewers against potentially brain cell-damaging programs or apps, or something.

Or get cracking on those Apple TV peripherals we wrote about last time.

Apple TV Peripherals We’d Love To Have

Apple TV is fast proving itself to be a “den” favorite, meaning it can have pride of place in anybody’s relaxation space at home. Well, since we want to constantly improve our viewing and home entertainment experience, we thought of future Apple TV peripherals we’d like to go with our Apple TV device…and yes, we’re really thinking like couch potatoes (or couch apples, as potatoes and apples are both “pomme” in French, anyway) here!

A widescreen Apple TV television: Well, why not? It’s only logical that Apple will come out with its own version of an HD TV screen to better enjoy what their gadget has to offer. It’s true that the device does offer the plug and play versatility, plus the convenience to use it on any HD TV you may already have. But sometimes, we’d like a matching set. Or sets, as this list will soon prove.

An Apple TV headset. One with a mic and very clear earphones to converse with in future chat apps (hint, hint), and of course, to enjoy the music. Should also be compatible with other Apple gadgets like the iPod, iPad, and iPhone.

An Apple app that can convert any existing Apple gadget into a ‘universal’ remote control for Apple TV. Sure, it sounds lazy. But having an iPod, iPhone, and iPad turn the Apple TV on (we know it already has its own remote control, but…) and switching to different channels will only underline the gadgets’ versatility. Besides, we don’t want to fumble for the remote control when it’s wedged between couch cushions, not when we can switch channels with our iPod.

Microwavable Apple TV dinners. For the total television experience, munching on prepared dinners would be a very welcome treat. Some microwavable staples we’d love to stock up on: pizza, popcorn, fries (apple fries!), sandwiches, and soup. While we’re at it, we’d love an Apple soda and tea to keep us refreshed. And maybe a couple of Apple garden salads when we’re feeling a bit porky.

Apple Recliner. Couches are fine, but we want push-button convenience with our Apple TV. An Apple recliner can make viewing and listening much, much more comfortable than the average living room sofa or armchair. If there are docks for the Apple TV remote control and all the other peripherals we’re listing down here, so much the better for us and our gadgets.

Apple TV 3D glasses. While you can argue that 3D glasses can be DIY’d with some colored cellophane and cardboard, we want to reiterate that we’d like matching sets with our Apple TV, thank you very much. Aluminum 3D glasses would be AWESOME, especially since movie theater attendants don’t have to breathe down our backs about returning them after the movie.

Top Apple TV Apps

The Best Apple TV Apps around Today, an article from The Glass Amulet, discusses Apple TV’s contribution to the digital revolution, and how users are reacting to what it can offer. Now, digital content from sources like You Tube, the iTunes Store, Netflix, NBA League Pass, Flickr, and NHL Game Center can be enjoyed on high-definition widescreen television.

As well, you can view pictures, play music, and watch videos via approved sources in the Internet. Apple TV is now on its Third Generation, with updated specs but pretty much the same look and feel as the previous Generations’.

So what are the top apps users like for Apple TV? The article mentions The Weather Channel, which is not surprising because of recent unpredictable weather and natural upheavals you would want to get a heads-up on. There is also the Discovery Channel (a regular cable TV staple, as well) for interesting information and knowledge. CNN is also an app that many people use to learn about current events and breaking news. Google Earth also makes it to the list as an alternative to road maps to get around anywhere you may be in the world.

Other favorite HD content that Apple TV users want to have an app for include FaceTime. FaceTime already works for iPhone users, but many are clamoring for an HDTV version where people can webcam-chat in comfort. For this, Apple TV needs to come up with a webcam peripheral for it, as well.

Basketball fans also express the need for an NBA Jam app for Apple TV. Again, perfectly logical. HDTV has an alluring video game appeal, after all. (In this regard, what are the odds Apple can come up with Apple popcorn and soda to complete the package?)

For homebodies and homemakers, apps where you can shop for groceries without leaving the home, such as FreshDirect, are bound to be a keeper. Business people can make do with a PowerPoint app. When viewed on HDTV instead of as a projected image or on a laptop screen, it can drastically improve the quality of business presentations.

And for music lovers, Apple TV apps should not confine itself to iTunes alone. Why not get a streaming radio app that one can listen to in the comfort and privacy of home? Snobby non-radio listeners can still get their preferred music niches if Apple packages them in such a way as to have easy options to go for, right?

A Closer Look at the 3rd Generation Apple TV

Essentially an updated 2nd generation Apple TV, the 3rd generation goes from an A4 to a single-core A5 chip processor so it can support a 1080p to an HD TV. Though they look pretty much alike, the upgraded specs are expected to make a world of difference. The slender aluminum remote control that comes with each purchase is also pretty much the same as the 2nd generation’s. All the ports are in place, and offer the same functions the previous edition does.

Once plugged in, the streamlined interface becomes obvious on the TV screen. Bigger buttons make for convenient content categorization. iTunes are now available for instant download with this edition, thanks to support from Cloud. As well, a new helpful and exciting feature called Genius recommends movies you might want to watch based on past movies you have seen.

To make the most out of the third generation Apple TV, you must have at least 8 mbps in order to download 1080p files. Those with slower connections can still use this gadget, but have to adjust their video resolution to High Definition 720p.

What is still lacking in this latest edition of the Apple TV? The ability to add more channels and media options which are from non-Apple providers, for one. You also cannot run apps on it yet, just like with the previous Apple TV generation.

Apple TV Software Update

Hands on Apple TV software update and new UI shows how the device has upgraded to software version 5.0.

To check if your own Apple TV gadget is updated, simply go to Settings, click on General, and select Update Software to allow you to download the latest version. This will take just a couple of minutes, and your Apple TV will reboot with the latest edition.

Apple TV
Apple TV—bfishadow (
Doing so will make navigation much, much easier because the latest software update enables you to see all the channels on the main screen. This way, you can easily navigate between badges and see all your viewing options.

You can also view your favorite channels via the auto-rotating carousel on the top of the interface.

Pretty neat, huh?

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